Ice Breaks Be Careful 2/15/22

We have had some cold times up here in the Catskills this past month. Shelf ice and ice that takes shape across the slow pools will breakup during the warmer spells. This Thursday and Friday it might happen.

Beaverkill River Winter Fishing

The picture above is on the Beaverkill this weekend. Scotty in the picture is 6’0” tall so you can see how tall the ice is in some spots. The ice can be devastating to bug populations if while traveling down river in scores the bottom of the river. The freestone streams such as the Beaverkill or the Willowemoc tend to get more ice than the tailwaters. The West and East Branches of the Delaware generally will be pretty ice free until you get far enough away from the dam. In some years the state has had to explode ice pileups near public bridges.

Beaverkill River Winter Nymphing

Later this week I’ll add in what I think about the Upper Delaware Watershed water levels. From the reservoirs to the rivers. Don’t forget if you want to see all the flow charts at once just visit our FLOWS PAGE.