Summer Guided Fly Fishing Trips in the Catskill Mountains

The recent rains have brought a wave of excitement to fly fishing enthusiasts in the Catskill Mountains. The increased water flow has made fishing conditions exceptionally good, and anglers are reaping the rewards. 

Currently, the rivers are teeming with a variety of hatches, including sulfurs, blue wing olives, and isonychias. These hatches have brought up some big brown and rainbow trout, when sometimes they disappear in July. The sight of big noses breaking the surface in summer gets you tingly.

Not only are the trout fishing opportunities solid for summer, but the lower river smallmouth fishing is also on fire. Chris Dever and myself had a family out one day with over 50 smallmouth to net. Another day me and Delhi John did about 40 in four hours. The smallmouth bass put up crazy fights on fly and light tackle.

I took a quick drive around the reservoirs today. They look healthy as can be. Maybe the state will let some water out??? (bad joke)

Lefty Kreh once said, “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” With the recent rains, solid hatches, and overcast conditions in the Catskill Mountains, there is no shortage of hope and excitement for anglers seeking their next memorable trout. So, grab your fly rod and get in a river.

We have limited days left for August, September and October. Please CALL or TEXT the number on the contact page.


Upper Delaware Catskills Fly Fishing Report

The past few weeks we have experienced low water. This has made the boats stack up and floats sometimes busy. The wading opportunities right now have never been better. We are getting a nice juicing of rain as I type this. Sulfers, Caddis, Greendrakes and Isonychia’s are all currently hatching. We have few days left in July and August. The fall is steadily booking up as well. Please CALL or TEXT the number on the contact page.

A special welcome to this world Bowen Hackett Canderelli 8 pounds 12 ounces!

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Best Fishing in Years!

We have been out everyday since March 25th. Let’s just say its been very good. Hendricksons, Caddis, Olives and March Browns are currently hatching. Get out there!

Epic Dry Fly Fishing is Here!

This past week pretty much every river in the Catskill Mountains has been a bug factory. We have had blanket hatches of Quills, Hendricksons, BWO’s and Caddis. On some of the warmer rivers we have also seen a good amount of March Browns. The warm spell really set these rivers on fire! Rain is expected for the foreseeable future and we expect to be back on the streamer fishing. The dams are both looking to spill tomorrow with heavy rains in the forecast. We hope the Hendricksons don’t disappear in the high water expectations.

Here are a few of the fish we took on dry flies