2023 Upper Delaware Catskills Fly Fishing Report

This year was a great year overall with rain coming in many needed times. We only really had one bad stretch in late June where the fishing was rough and the rivers were low and hot. (of course this is when my family came to visit – boo) August and September brought showers and provided some of the best ever isonychia fishing we’ve ever seen. The tailwater Hendricksons were heavy as ever but only in certain sections hatching in high water this year for maybe 5 days. All other hatches were decent as our guides know where to sneak around too to find the bugs!

The system is changing and we all have to cope. We have lots of new people in the sport and many new boots in the river. It’s good for the industry but let’s hope etiquette is part of many angler learning curves. Help new anglers! Don’t be a the “cool” guy. Lots of new faces and many great new friends met on the river this year. Pass along a fly that’s working, teach a knot or share a spot. The fish gods will reward you!

Many Catskill experts often say we have the best client list on the system. They are not wrong. I want to personally thank our fishing family who steps aboard our boats or straps on the waders each year. In a profession where Mother Nature is in control not every trip is a Lee Wulff documentary. Some days are brutal nasty boat rides and you all always keep the spirits high. Thank you all.

To the guides who crushed 2023 thank you for being the best in the craft. Chris, Steve, Rich, Tom, Scotty From the August group trips at the Dreamcatcher to the beginner walk wades on the Willowemoc (lol Steve) you all always showed up, educated and gave people lifetime memories.

Here are the CFS of the East, West and Mainstem from April 1 2023 to November 22 2023.

You have to love how the state will spike drop the releases right when the fish are about the spawn. It’s almost likes it planned!

Mother Nature Take the Wheel!

Since the state turned the water off since October 1 the dams are barely pushing any water out. But don’t worry, Mother Nature is taking the wheel this weekend! Since the first week of August we have had epic conditions. With the rare sunny windy day where the fishing was difficult many days have been filled with wet nets and big smiles. With the rain coming this weekend definitely take a look at the FLOWS PAGE.

Also, its peak leaf season in the hills. Every day there will be added leaves to the river. They are pretty in the tree and we curse them in the river!!! Have a safe weekend out on the water. -Matt

Hatching now – Iso’s 12-14, BWOs 18-22, Caddis 12-18

Summer Guided Fly Fishing Trips in the Catskill Mountains

The recent rains have brought a wave of excitement to fly fishing enthusiasts in the Catskill Mountains. The increased water flow has made fishing conditions exceptionally good, and anglers are reaping the rewards. 

Currently, the rivers are teeming with a variety of hatches, including sulfurs, blue wing olives, and isonychias. These hatches have brought up some big brown and rainbow trout, when sometimes they disappear in July. The sight of big noses breaking the surface in summer gets you tingly.

Not only are the trout fishing opportunities solid for summer, but the lower river smallmouth fishing is also on fire. Chris Dever and myself had a family out one day with over 50 smallmouth to net. Another day me and Delhi John did about 40 in four hours. The smallmouth bass put up crazy fights on fly and light tackle.

I took a quick drive around the reservoirs today. They look healthy as can be. Maybe the state will let some water out??? (bad joke)

Lefty Kreh once said, “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” With the recent rains, solid hatches, and overcast conditions in the Catskill Mountains, there is no shortage of hope and excitement for anglers seeking their next memorable trout. So, grab your fly rod and get in a river.

We have limited days left for August, September and October. Please CALL or TEXT the number on the contact page.