Beaverkill River

The Beaverkill River is a great river to wade fish. The river allows many points of access between Roscoe NY and East Branch NY. There are many DEC fishing signs along Old Route 17 that denote public access.

Since the Beaverkill is a freestone, heavy rains will turn the river muddy and dangerous above the 800-1000 CFS mark. In low dry periods the river will become very low and potentially too hot to ethically fish for trout.

There are three campgrounds and many Air BnB’s along the banks of the Beaverkill.

Below is an up-to-date flow chart for your use. Scroll down for more information about the Beaverkill River. Use this to help with your fishing trip.

USGS Water-data graph for site 01420500

Fishing the Beaverkill River

The upper Beaverkill above the town of Roscoe has limited fishing access due to private land ownership. There are many private fishing clubs mostly owned by wealthy New York City residents that frequent the water on spring, summer and fall weekends.

The upper Beaverkill starts as a trickle near the Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Observation Station. This area holds small brook trout but not in great quantities due to the summer dry spells. This area is also a great spot to hike and enjoy the highest mountain in the Catskills.

Down stream the tributaries widen and deepen the Beaverkill. For the next 19.7 miles there is only one public access due to private landownership.

Over the years, private clubs have manipulated the river bottom to create heavily stocked plunge pools for members to enjoy. The man made plunge pools over time have changed the migration routes of the wild fish and increase the difficulty for fish to make it up stream.

River accessibility becomes increasingly easier downstream of Country Route 7 (near Roscoe Nursing Home).

Upon entering Roscoe from the north the Beaverkill meets Willowemoc Creek at the world famous Junction Pool. The Beaverkill continues west until it enters the East Branch of the Delaware.

If you drive down old route 17 from Roscoe to East Branch, DEC fishing signs will denote the many areas for the public to fish.

The Beaverkill is open during the winter months for wade angling. To learn where the open winter fishing spots are please visit our article “Beaverkill Winter Fishing Regulations.”

We offer mousing trips on the Beaverkill River. Please call ahead to learn information on guided Beaverkill fishing trips.

History of the Beaverkill River

The Beaverkill River, is one of fly fishing’s most famous rivers. It flows from the hills of Sullivan county southwest into Delaware County before entering the East Branch of the Delaware River in the town of East Branch NY. The river is about 45 miles long and drains approximately 320 square miles of land. The Beaverkill River has been used to develop many of the conservation principles for rivers in the United States.

The Beaverkill became famous for fishing in the 1800’s due to the geographic proximity to New York City and for the abundance of wild Brook Trout. In the mid 1800’s the river had many setbacks due to tanneries and lumber industries. The tanneries dumped acidic runoff in the river while the lumber industry cut down large amounts of tree cover that kept the river cold.

When the numbers of Brook Trout dropped due to human interference, hatcheries sprung up along the river to replace what man took away. This was the beginning of the introduction to Brown Trout in the Beaverkill River. Cold springs and deep pockets allow trout to still survive today. Conservation groups also help to keep the stream-side habitat intact.

Roscoe NY, which is dubbed Trouttown USA, is the hub for fly fishermen due to its location, being centered where the Willowemoc and Beaverkill meet. The town also has cell service, diners, delis, restaurants, bars, breweries, a distillery and modern amenities to comfortably enjoy your stay.

Fishing report for the Beaverkill river

Beaverkill Tributaries

Gulf of Mexico Brook
Black Brook
Beecher Brook
Scudder Brook
Alder Creek
Upper Beech Hill Brook
Mary Smith Brook
Berry Brook
Spring Brook
Horse Brook
Roaring Brook
Russell Brook
Crystal Brook
Horton Brook
Spooner Brook
Twadell Brook

Shin Creek
Voorhees Brook
Jersey Brook
Willowemoc Creek
Abe Wood Brook
Cook Brook
Whirling Eddy Brook
Roaring Brook
Trout Brook

PRO TIP: Don’t see any fish rising? Are the nymphs not working? Is the water too clear for streamers? Throw a well dressed fly in the riffles. Knee-high water or less. Deer Hair flies such as a comparadun work perfect for blind casting Beaverkill riffles.

Beaverkill Winter Fly Fishing