April 13 Fishing Report Catskill Mountains

Up until yesterdays rain there was very good dry fly fishing to be had. Since Easter weekend until yesterday (Friday) solid bugs hatched if you knew where to be. The warmer sections of rivers pushed out the most bugs and bigger bugs. Hatching this week were chimarra caddis, paraleps, olives, a few stones and yes hendricksons. We have had good bugs for this early in the season. Some of the warmer days provided 6 plus hours on targets.

For the bad news. This rain has hurt your chances to wade fish. Boats are necessary at these flows. The predictors do not have the Beaverkill getting below 2,000cfs until at least Wednesday. Hale eddy is predicted to be above 4,000cfs into mid to late next week.

It was a nice little dream while the flows, bugs and fish worked. This week we will have to work harder for the fish. Have a great weekend. Support the Catskills and Upper Delaware fly shops.