FUDR Stance on Proposed Trout Regulations for NYS

Tomorrow is last day you can weigh in

FUDR Supports:

  • The UDR East Branch, West Branch, and main stem will be categorized as a “Wild Premier” trout stream indicating the DEC recognizes our river as one of the finest wild trout fisheries in New York State.
  • The introduction of stocked fish will be eliminated in the Upper East Branch
  • The daily fish harvest limit will be reduced from a total of 5 fish (2 in the EB, 2 in the WB, 1 in the MS) to 1 fish, any size, for the entire Wild Premier system.
  • The Wild Premier section of the UDR tailwater fishery will end at Lordville, but a similar regulation has been proposed to provide equivalent protections to the border waters south of the Lordville Bridge.

FUDR Apposes

The entire UDR system will be open to fishing year-round under catch and release.