“Opening Day” Trout Season 2022

Tomorrow is April 1st opening day of trout season (for every year until now). Currently its 5pm in East Branch NY, and 65 with storms coming in.

The guides have all been busy up and down the rivers opening up their camps the past week or so. It’s that time of year to see what the mice got into over winter. Luckily with last years fall flood this year was mouseless for our camps.

The rivers will see a big push of water through opening day. If the chain of thunderstorms headed from the southwest come east enough we might be washed out. There is a slight chance however they wont touch us.

Keep an eye on the water levels. As of right now the Willowemoc and the Beaverkill are perfect to wade. This can change fast so take caution. It all depends on this system coming in right now.

Here’s some new fly fisherwomen and men from a recent learn to fish at Antrim Streamside on the Willowemoc. We have left the Delaware alone for the fish to rest for the season.