4/14/2021 Update – Spring Weather Front Expected Thursday and Friday

Currently the Upper Delaware, Beaverkill and Willowemoc all are about to get a early spring weather front. What does this mean for the system?

The spring storms that happen every year are what keep the fish happy throughout spring and early summer. Low water can create less hatching bug habitat, warmer temps and alert fish. This year so far has been a low water late winter and the fishing pressure is high. When this weeks water comes down the boats will be back around the system. The wade anglers will have big water but if all plans out will still have great spots to access. As of right now the east is predicted to push the 1,000 cfs mark. The west branch is suppose to hit 1,200 cfs over the weekend.

East Branch CFS graph
West branch cfs graph

The rivers will settle down throughout next week as the air temp bounces daily from the 60’s to the 30’s. We will need more front like the one expected throughout the season. The reservoirs remain in the upper 90 percentile.

NYC reservoir levels

Currently Hatching

Blue Wing Olives – Size 16-18

Tiny Black Stone – Size 18

Early Stone – Size 12-14

Hatching Soon

Blue Quill – Size 16

Quill Gordon – Size 14

Hendrickson – Size 12-16

Upper Delaware 10 Day Forecast


I think the good blanket hatches are still 2 weeks away. I see the possibility of an afternoon hatch happening assuming it doesn’t get to cold. We have a scare of snow Friday. Streamers and nymphs still the way to go when the rivers come up over the next few days. Until then keep pounding the soft edges in the warmest times of the day with nymphs.

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