Roscoe and Surrounding Area Weather

Winter Storm Warning

There is currently a storm warning for Roscoe and surrounding counties for a SNOW WARNING until 7pm Tuesday.

Heavy snow will fall over the next day and a half in all of the trout towns up and down the Catskill rivers.

Snow Possibilities

Total snow accumulations are to be anywhere from 14” to 24” and winds could reach 40 MPH.

Snow could reach 3” per hour mark in some locations.

Heavy winds will impact travel and snow removal from snow drifts in the Catskills.

Please be safe and enjoy the storm!

Beaver-Del is Reopened for 2021

Beaverdel Hotel and Campground Bar

If you know, you know….the Beaverdel Hotel and Campground in East Branch NY. A local and fisherman hangout located on the East Branch of the Delaware is reopened from the annual winter two week recess.

The winter hours are from 4pm-10pm Wed-Fri and 1pm-10pm Sat & Sunday.

Visit to learn more or to reserve a table or room.

Weather Update for Roscoe and Catskill Mountains

Today’s Weather

The Roscoe region and surrounding areas is expected to get 3” to 6” inches of snow today into tomorrow. Also expect heavy winds to accompany the snow. The Catskills wind gusts will touch 30 mph and road travel will be difficult. The temperature will not break freezing for the next ten days.

Roscoe Weather Chart

With snow and gusts most roads will experience snow drifts. This is caused from the wind blowing powdery snow back onto the roads. Please only travel if need be. The snow is starting now 10:00am Tuesday January 26 2021.

What’s this mean for the area?

This should slow down the travel in and around Roscoe NY and the surrounding towns and counties. The rivers will drop in flow over the next day due to the blistery cold temperatures. View FLOWS hereNormal road travel might take over 24 hours do to the snow drifts to make safe. Please stay home if possible.